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simon lieberum poses with his sustainable coffee pods in his no harm done warehouse in singapore, support kopitiam at home

Brewing for a Better Planet: A CEO's Insights on Sustainable Coffee Pods and Environmental Impact

Learn from No Harm Done's CEO on how their sustainable coffee capsule brand is paving the way for a greener future. Check out the interview here.

Sustainability Initiatives in the Coffee Industry

Sustainability Initiatives in the Coffee Industry

Is the coffee industry harming our planet? In this blog, learn about the most prominent sustainability initiatives in the coffee industry and how you can be a part of them! 
Footprints in sand to symbolise Carbon Footprint

Why Coffee is Increasing Your Carbon Footprint And How to Fix it. - NO HARM DONE

With climate change becoming a bigger topic over the years words like carbon footprint and greenhouse gases have been trending. What's the carbon footprint of coffee? How can I reduce my carbon footprint? Learn more about the carbon footprint of the coffee industry in this article!
Factories polluting the air

Yes, Coffee is Going Extinct. Here’s Why. - NO HARM DONE

Is coffee becoming extinct? The short answer is: yes, coffee is going extinct. You’re probably wondering what year will coffee run out? Or what’s the future of the coffee industry? Read this article for the answers to your questions and more!
A variety of coffee capsules - plastic, aluminium, compostable

Coffee Capsules: Are They Good or Bad? - NO HARM DONE

Are coffee pods made of plastic? Are plastic coffee pods bad for you? Are coffee capsules recyclable? Are coffee capsules bad for the environment? What's the best type of coffee capsule? Want the answer to these questions and more? Read our article!
Many plastic disposable cups are filling up the landfill.

Want to be More Eco-Friendly? Stop Using Disposable Cups! - NO HARM DONE

Do you use disposable cups for your coffee? Sure they may look like they’re made of paper, but don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Read our article to learn how avoiding disposable cups will make you more eco-friendly!
Coffee capsule in the ground polluting the soil.

What No One Will Tell You About Coffee Capsules - NO HARM DONE

Are coffee capsules bad for the environment? What are biodegradable / compostable coffee capsules? Read our article to learn more about the impact of your coffee capsules on the environment and how to help.
Example of compostable and biodegradable coffee capsules

Biodegradable Plastic vs Compostable Bioplastic - NO HARM DONE

What’s biodegradable plastic? What’s compostable bioplastic? What’s the difference between the two? Which one is better? Read our article for the answer to all your questions about biodegradable plastic and compostable bioplastic.
Big basket of coffee beans

What is Organic Coffee and Why is it Important? - NO HARM DONE

What’s the difference between organic and non-organic coffee beans? Why is organic coffee important? What are the dangers of non-organic coffee? Read our article to get the answers to all your questions.

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