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Top 3 Coffee-Producing Regions in Asia

Top 3 Coffee-Producing Regions in Asia

Let’s Explore Asian Coffee Did you know? Over 1 billion people worldwide drink coffee daily. In ...
Doi Chaang Coffee Farmer collecting coffee beans

Meet the Doi Chaang farmers behind our Espresso Coffee! - NO HARM DONE

Here at NO HARM DONE we provide a variety of compostable coffee capsules that do good for the Earth while tasting good. We’d like to share with you the amazing people who grow the coffee beans for our Organic Fairtrade Espresso - Doi Chaang Coffee!
Footprints in sand to symbolise Carbon Footprint

Why Coffee is Increasing Your Carbon Footprint And How to Fix it. - NO HARM DONE

With climate change becoming a bigger topic over the years words like carbon footprint and greenhouse gases have been trending. What's the carbon footprint of coffee? How can I reduce my carbon footprint? Learn more about the carbon footprint of the coffee industry in this article!
Factories polluting the air

Yes, Coffee is Going Extinct. Here’s Why. - NO HARM DONE

Is coffee becoming extinct? The short answer is: yes, coffee is going extinct. You’re probably wondering what year will coffee run out? Or what’s the future of the coffee industry? Read this article for the answers to your questions and more!
2 coffee cups with red and blue coffee cream designs.

Acidity in Coffee: Good or Bad? - NO HARM DONE

What’s the difference between high and low acid coffee? What are the variants that cause acidity in coffee? Read our article to find the perfect acidity for your coffee.
Many coffee beans piled on a world map / atlas

Coffee Flavors Crash Course - NO HARM DONE

Your coffee beans may be from countries like Brazil, Indonesia and Thailand. Ever wonder how the location of where the coffee bean is grown affects the taste of your coffee? Read our article to find out which country’s coffee beans suit your taste the best.
Baskets holding Arabica and Robusta coffee beans

Arabica vs Robusta: What’s the Difference? - NO HARM DONE

What’s the difference between Arabica and Robusta coffee beans? Which one is better? Arabica or Robusta coffee beans? Read our article to understand which type of coffee bean suits your taste and budget.

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