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Coffee to boost your workout

Coffee to boost your workout

Love exercising? Drink coffee! Research has found that caffeine can boost your workout performance.

Fun Facts about Coffee Pods

Fun Facts about Coffee Pods

You might be familiar with the ever-so-used coffee pods that have infiltrated home kitchens and office pantry spaces. This is of no surprise, given how quick and convenient it is to have a cup of freshly-brewed coffee in your hands simply with a push of a button.

But how much do you know about these coffee pods that have made us all feel like baristas ourselves? 

Singapore Coffee Culture - All you need to know

Singapore Coffee Culture - All you need to know

What is Kopi and Kopitiam? Explore coffee culture singapore, the best coffee in singapore, singapore coffee and how to order it!

Top 3 Coffee-Producing Regions in Asia

Top 3 Coffee-Producing Regions in Asia

Let’s Explore Asian Coffee Did you know? Over 1 billion people worldwide drink coffee daily. In ...

Everything You Need To Know About Kopi! - NO HARM DONE

What is Kopi? How is Kopi Made? How To Order Kopi? Where to get Kopi? Maybe you live in Singapore or you want to try out Kopi, but you don't know much about Kopi? Fret not! We'll let you in on everything you need to know about Kopi!
Footprints in sand to symbolise Carbon Footprint

Why Coffee is Increasing Your Carbon Footprint And How to Fix it. - NO HARM DONE

With climate change becoming a bigger topic over the years words like carbon footprint and greenhouse gases have been trending. What's the carbon footprint of coffee? How can I reduce my carbon footprint? Learn more about the carbon footprint of the coffee industry in this article!
Factories polluting the air

Yes, Coffee is Going Extinct. Here’s Why. - NO HARM DONE

Is coffee becoming extinct? The short answer is: yes, coffee is going extinct. You’re probably wondering what year will coffee run out? Or what’s the future of the coffee industry? Read this article for the answers to your questions and more!
NO HARM DONE Organic Espresso Coffee recipe

9 Coffee Recipes You Are Missing Out On - NO HARM DONE

Looking for some tasty and easy to make coffee recipes? Look no further as our article has a large variety of coffee recipes: Sweet Coffee, Iced Coffee, Hot Coffee, Lattes, Espressos and more. Get the best and unique coffee recipes here!
Cup of coffee and a crema design.

What is Crema and What Does it Say About Your Coffee? - NO HARM DONE

What is crema on coffee? What should crema look like? What is the purpose of crema? Read our article for the answers to all your questions.
Three coffee machines with coffee beans inside.

How Much Caffeine is in Your Coffee? - NO HARM DONE

How much caffeine is in coffee? How much caffeine is there in Kopi O? Looking to cut down on your caffeine intake? Check out our comprehensive article on the amount of caffeine in different coffees - Kopi, capsules, shots, and instant coffee.
6 cups of different types of coffee - espresso, lunge, latte.

Espresso vs Lungo vs Latte: What’s the Difference? - NO HARM DONE

What’s the difference between Espresso, Lungo and Latte? How are they made? What should I order to suit my taste? Read our article to understand which may suit your taste the best.
Big basket of coffee beans

What is Organic Coffee and Why is it Important? - NO HARM DONE

What’s the difference between organic and non-organic coffee beans? Why is organic coffee important? What are the dangers of non-organic coffee? Read our article to get the answers to all your questions.
Hand pouring milk into a glass of coffee.

All about Plant Based Milk in Coffee - NO HARM DONE

What's the difference between Plant-based Milk and Cow Milk? What is the best Plant-Based Milk for your coffee? Which brand of Plant-Based Milk should you buy in Singapore? Read our article to learn how to choose a ​plant-based milk for your coffee.

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