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Meet the Doi Chaang farmers behind our Espresso Coffee! - NO HARM DONE

Doi Chaang Coffee Farmer collecting coffee beans

Here at NO HARM DONE we provide a variety of compostable coffee capsules that do good for the Earth while tasting good. We’d like to share with you the amazing people who grow the coffee beans for our Organic Fairtrade Espresso - Doi Chaang Coffee!


Their Background 

Doi Chaang Coffee was founded in 2007. They’re on a mission to help create stability and sustainability in the Doi Chaang Region of Northern Thailand. Through Doi Chaang Coffee the Akha hill tribe have been able to create a better standard of living for themselves without having to resort to illegal activities. 

Apart from cultivating and selling coffee, Doi Chaang also has a coffee academy. Their academy annually welcomes coffee enthusiasts from around the world to join in and learn about the growing, harvesting, picking and selling of cherries. All the farmers from the Doi Chaang area are invited to attend the academy free of charge. With the goal of providing education on all aspects of the process of growing and cultivating coffee beans.

 Doi Chaang Coffee Coffee Beans


Their Rich Coffee

Doi Chaang Coffee ensures organic, Fairtrade, shade grown, handpicked and naturally low in caffeine coffee beans. The farmers do not use chemicals or pesticides on the coffee plants, or the soil.

 Doi Chaang Coffee Farmers and their Story


Their History 

Doi Chaang has a story that is as rich as their coffee! The Akha are a nomadic hill tribe, originally from China. Because they are not Thai, the Akha faced many challenges after settling in Doi Chaang Village (Thailand). The challenges stemmed from not having any Thai ID – which restricted them from things like education and healthcare

In the 1980’s, Arabica plants were brought to the villages in Thailand. While the climate was ideal for growing coffee, the farmers had no experience with growing coffee and faced traders who underpaid them for their beans. After many years, a man named Khun Wicha Promyong invested into helping the Akha hill tribe build their coffee cultivation skills. 

Want to read more about their story? Check out their website here.

 Doi Chaang Coffee Environment Nature


How They Help The Environment

Doi Chaang Coffee while helping the Akha hill tribe gain success have also strived to help the environment. 

  • They have planted over 1,000,000 trees in the past decade in order to re-populate the forest with vegetation and wildlife. 
  • They have eliminated outsourced operations and created well-maintained roads to the village. This led to Doi Chaang drastically reducing their carbon footprint.

Interested to learn about the link between carbon footprint and coffee? Here’s our informative article on that!


Like what the folk at Doi Chaang are doing and want to support them? Well you can! All you have to do is purchase our Organic Fairtrade Espresso Coffee (yes, it's really that simple). You get to support the Akha hill tribe and the environment all from Singapore just by trying out our coffee. 


NO HARM DONE Organic Compostable Coffee

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