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Coffee Flavors Crash Course - NO HARM DONE

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There are a wide variety of coffee flavors to choose from. Gone are the days when all coffee was roasted to oblivion and tasted the same. Now you can choose from different beans that boast a variety of flavors. But how do you tell the difference? If you’re looking to increase your knowledge of coffee flavors, then you’re in the right place. Here is our coffee flavors crash course.

Where is your coffee from?

It’s important to know where your coffee beans are sourced from. Every country has its own environment and processing method. Here is how to tell the difference between the flavors from the most popular places to grow coffee.

  • Brazil – Most of the world gets its coffee from Brazil. Brazilian coffee is nutty and sometimes has a hint of chocolate. It’s a popular espresso bean. 

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  • Central America – These coffees are acidic and can have a fruity flavor, like an apple. They have a clean flavor and are easy to drink. Many of these coffees are considered “bright.”

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  • Ethiopia – Ethiopia is the home of coffee and produces a wide variety
    of flavors. Some Ethiopian coffee has a berry flavor while others taste more like florals and lemongrass. This is the purest coffee you can drink.


  • Indonesia – Indonesian coffee has a unique flavor. These coffees are very dark and are smoky and meaty. Their flavors last in your mouth and are usually dark roasted. Coffee from Indonesia can be very controversial – either you love it or you hate it.

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  • Kenya – Kenyan coffee is popular for its sweet flavors. Some Kenyan coffee is acidic but most has a tropical flavor quality that is unique and delicious.


  • South America – South America is known for coffee that is less acidic and sweeter. It has a caramel flavor and a nutty undertone. Most coffee from South America comes from Columbia.


The best way to decide what coffee you like is to do tastings. Try a few different beans at a time with nothing added to them. This will help develop your palate so you can appreciate the richness and differences in each flavor.

Enjoy :)

Want to know how the location of where your coffee beans are grown affect the acidity? Check out our other article here.

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