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9 Coffee Recipes You Are Missing Out On - NO HARM DONE

NO HARM DONE Organic Espresso Coffee recipe

1. Strawberry Rose Latte 

NO HARM DONE Organic Espresso Strawberry Rose Latte  

Have you looked up and noticed lots of flowers are blooming along the streets of Singapore? Why not make a tasty and beautiful Strawberry Rose Latte for a loved one? Definitely another way to make use of roses outside of February! 



2. Iced Matcha Espresso 

NO HARM DONE Iced Matcha Espresso


Enjoy the different flavors of both coffee and matcha while being cooled down in this sweltering heat. 



3. Cloud-ppuccino

NO HARM DONE Organic Espresso Coffee cloud-ppuccino


No actual clouds are needed for this cloud-ppuccino. While in between reading your favourite book and catching up with the latest shows (cue Disney+), this nice warm cup of cappuccino is sure to be a good accompaniment for the rainy weather.



4. Gula Melaka Iced Latte

NO HARM DONE Brazilian Coffee Gula Melaka Iced Latte


Make a Gula Melaka Iced Latte without the need for passports. Well known among our neighbouring countries like Malaysia and Indonesia, this coffee recipe will keep us hoping for the borders to open soon!



5. Coconut Cream Latte

NO HARM DONE Coconut Cream Latte


Trying to skip the additional sugar but have a sweet palate? How about getting your sweet tooth with a Coconut Cream Latte! This is a rendition of a lower sugar yet still naturally sweet and flavourful alternative.



6. Three-Layer Iced Mocha

NO HARM DONE Brazilian Coffee Three-Layer Iced Mocha


Three-layer chocolate cake? How about an upgrade from the usual double shot mocha to our Three-Layer Iced Mocha!



7. Soy Iced Latte

NO HARM DONE Soy Iced Latte Recipe with Organic Coffee beans

Trying to beat the heat? Try out a cup of Iced Soy Latte to feel cooler. A common favorite that you can make at your home in just a few simple steps. 



8. Blue Pea Flower Latte

NO HARM DONE Organic Coffee Blue Pea Flower Latte


Chase away your home office blues with our Blue Pea Flower Latte:



9. Dalgona Chips Latte 

NO HARM DONE Organic Espresso Coffee Dalgona Chips Latte


What’s sweeter than making a Dalgona Chips Latte for a loved one?

  1. Place around 1 ½ tablespoon of sugar in a pan and melt it over medium heat 
  2. Keep stirring with a spoon until melted
  3. When the melted sugar turns slightly brown, stir in a few pinches of baking powder until the solution turns light brown 
  4. Pour caramel over a baking paper and chop them into small pieces after it is cooled to room temperature
  5. Place them on top of the latte and enjoy!



Interested in trying out all these recipes? Why not check out our starter pack so you can get a wide range of coffee at a discounted price!

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