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Organic Espresso | 25 Compostable Nespresso® Compatible Capsules

A world class single origin coffee, backed by multiple industry recognized certifications and awards, our Organic Espresso is the perfect espresso shot you’ve been looking for. Buy now with 20% off.
A world class single origin coffee from the mountains of Northern Thailand, fully shade-grown under natural forest canopy while maintaining sustainable cultivation practices. Only using the finest grade A organic arabica beans roasted medium to dark for the perfect espresso shot. Experience a dark and intense aroma with hints of nuts and dark chocolate. 
Only using the finest grade A organic arabica beans roasted medium to dark, coupled with its strong intensity to offer:
- Intense aroma paired with a full body
- Tasting notes of dark chocolate and nuts
- Low-medium acidity and bitterness
- Balanced mouthfeel followed by a smooth finish
More than just a perfect espresso shot, this coffee is cultivated through sustainable farming methods, organic, Fairtrade and supports the Doi Chaang Coffee Foundation aimed at improving the quality of life for the Doi Chang community through healthcare, education, development projects and preservation of local culture.  

Nespresso® Compatible Coffee Capsules

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