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Simon and Rathi here! We’re the founders of No Harm Done, and would like you to come on this journey with us.

This is our story

Two unlikely elements came into our lives that spurred us into action.
The first: the birth of baby daughter Kiera (Little did we know that she would go on to inspire us to work on something new!). And the second: a gifted Nespresso machine.

The arrival of these two gifts meant that our lives (specifically our bins) were constantly being filled by both gifts, only that the Nespresso machine was creating plenty of capsules made of aluminium and plastic or a combination of both.

It got us thinking about our daughter’s future: something small in size could have a greater impact than expected. Simply put, we wanted to leave behind a world worth living in for Kiera, and it was time to act. Shortly after, our company was born with a mission to provide you with affordable and convenient, yet impactful choices.

Today, No Harm Done’s fully biodegradable, compostable and recyclable products are produced around a core belief: impact over perfection. Investing in our earth doesn’t mean turning your world upside down. Instead, it can empower you to make a difference; like the size of coffee capsules to the steps a baby takes, the smallest acts still have an eco-friendly impact.


Our 3 guiding principles for this company

Making it easy to be conscious

Sustainable alternatives must become a viable option for our everyday needs. We pledge to make these sustainable alternatives available and affordable for everyone.

Impact over Perfection

We are by no means perfect. We simply aim to provide better choices that create a positive impact in an imperfect world.


We pledge to be honest about what goes into our products. The fine print matters.

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