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Singapore KOPI-O | 100 Compostable Nespresso® Compatible Capsules

We are proudly bringing you the authentic Kopitiam experience in a compostable Nespresso® compatible capsule. A must-try!

Following the traditional recipe, this KOPI-O is roasted and blended to perfection. Bold Robusta beans, caramelized with margarine and Sugar for the iconic Singapore taste. 

On top of its great taste, our KOPI is also great for the environment with its biodegradable and compostable capsules and boxes. Learn more about our mission today!

Free Delivery – From Us to You

Congratulations on your island-wide free delivery, a big box bonus from us to you! These bad boys are stuffed with so much caffeine they can’t fit into your letterbox, so they’ll have to be delivered to your doorstep.

This is a deal that can’t be beat – trust us, we’ve tried. If you like what you see (and want to see it every week or every month, we don’t judge), our subscription details are just down below.

Subscribe Now – Save 10% & More!

It just keeps getting better. Trust us! 

Money. Let’s start with 10% off your purchase. Every subscription helps us to better streamline our logistics, which means we enjoy cost savings that we get to pass on to you.

Time. Why spend time on ordering again when your coffee inevitably runs out? Save yourself the trouble and subscribe for your weekly or monthly caffeine fix. Looking to try something new? Don’t waste any time and switch flavours whenever you want – at no extra charge!

Face. You don’t have to worry about saving face as cancellation is both judgement and fuss-free: if it’s not up to your tastes, you can cancel even after your first order!

Environment. Our boxes are designed to generate less overall waste compared to our competitors, helping all of us to save on resources and consequently, the environment.

We’ll make it worth your while, so scroll up and subscribe now!

Nespresso® Compatible Coffee Capsules

Our biodegradable capsules have been designed and tested to be fully compatible with conventional Nespresso® machines, all without compromising on great tasting coffee. 

We have tried and tested our capsules over 3 years to properly work with conventional models* such as the Citiz, Creatista, Essenza, Inissia, Lattissima, and Pixie series. Popular models from alternative brands such Dualit® can take our capsules without a problem as well. 

Note*: Our capsules are incompatible with the Nespresso® “Professional” machines which include the Aguila, Gemini, and Zenius range.

Certified Compostable & Biodegradable

Being strongly aligned with the eco-friendly movement means we take our sustainable practices seriously. It’s why we’re proud of not just having a compostable coffee capsule product, but that it comes in plastic free packaging as well. 

We utilise Terracaps® biocapsules, which are manufactured with sustainable materials such as cellulose and lignin (a byproduct from the production of paper). They’re fully biodegradable and are certified by TÜV AUSTRIA to be 100% compostable in 180 days.

We also go all the way with our fully compostable packaging boxes, which are plastic-free and made from uncoated paper.

Keen on composting at home? You can do so with our products with some helpful links to get you started. 

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