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We’re all about familiar flavours, brewed at home.

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We are proudly bringing you the authentic Kopitiam experience in a compostable Nespresso® compatible capsule. A must-try!
Thai Iced Tea starts with earthy black Ceylon tea leaves, brewed with exotic flavours to give you an authentic orange coloured tea that'll take your senses to the bustling streets of Bangkok. Best enjoyed over ice with a splash of evaporated milk.
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Imagine Gula Melaka meets Kopi in a cup. Shiok right? We've blended our signature Kopi-o with caramelised coconut sugar, giving your favourite brew a decadent twist. Sweet tooth? Add evaporated milk for some creamy sweetness.
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For Mondays, hangovers, make ups, breakups, late nights, early starts, rainy days… A hug in a mug. Our toasty Kopi-o with a malty chocolate infusion. Feeling extra indulgent? Finish your brew with a mountain of chocolate malt drink powder, Dinosaurrrrr.

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