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Why is Office Coffee So Bad? - NO HARM DONE

Why is Office Coffee So Bad? - NO HARM DONE

It's been a bitter sweet couple of years, but WFH has been fantastic for many of us. Now we return to post-COVID normality and we’re all wondering what was normal. 


Are my suit pants tighter? 

Was my chair always this uncomfortable? 

Will my cat be lonely? 

Why does this coffee taste so bad?!


Don’t worry we’ve got your back, with the coffee at least!


There’s this misconception that office coffee needs to be quick, and that quick coffees taste bad. Well, you’re wrong. Instant coffee’s given all coffee a bad rep; not only is it actually slower to make, it cuts corners which destroy that roasted bean goodness and leave you with a bland cup of brown. 


Expertly roasted beans, packed fresh into little pods and brewed to perfection actually takes less than 10 seconds (and has a crema to swoon over). I dare you to boil a kettle that quickly. 


Dump the instant, and give one of these a go:

1. The one that makes you feel fancy

If you want to feel like the big boss, this is the puppy for you! It’s got all the bells and whistles, tidily packed into a shiny steel. You’ll have to brush up on your cappuccino art before you impress your VIP associates.

Nespresso Creatista Plus


2. The one with the foamy milk

Like your kopi foamy? This crowd pleaser will make your team’s coffee exactly how they like it. Latte, mocha, carpaccio, piccolo? You got it.  

Lattissima One

3. The one you can take anywhere

If you have to step away from your desk, you’ll want one of these in your pocket. Express espresso on the move.

Wacaco Nanopresso

4. The one that goes with everything  

If your team can’t agree on the perfect brew, you'll want this machine. It’s one of the most flexible machines on the market. 

HiBrew 4-in-1 Espresso Machine

5. The one that’s a great place to start

Don’t want to blow your paycheck on a machine? Start with this economical machine, great for your everyday kopi fix. 

Simplus Nespresso Coffee Machine

6. The one that’s come from the runway

If Nespresso was a thing back in the 70s, we imagine that is what their machines would have looked like. It’s a good thing retro is back baby - this one’s hot off the press. 

Lavazza X Smeg capsule coffee machine

7. The one with the personality

Why not have a machine that’s as loud as you are. Bright, bold and fabulous! 

Nespresso Inissia Coffee Machine


Already got a machine and want to try some quality pods? Treat yourselves to some delicious coffee pods here

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