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Brewing Your Coffee at Home

Brewing Your Coffee at Home

Top three benefits of brewing coffee at home.

Who feels like your day begins only after you have your first cup of kopi? And that first up quickly becomes your second, and before you know it, you’ve had multiple cups of coffee throughout the day. Yes, coffee holds a special place in your heart. You drink it not only for the caffeine rush but also to enjoy it during social engagements. The only problem is that you only drink coffee when you are out and about. You never got into the whole making-coffee-at-home thing. However, here are three advantages to making coffee at home that should help you change your mind about that decision.

You're saving money.

If you think about how much you spend buying coffee at restaurants and shops, you will notice that the expense adds up to a lot of money over a relatively short amount of time. The retail cost of coffee has indeed gone through the roof. And to think that you buy coffee more than once a day. It is far cheaper to brew your cup of coffee at home. You can even shop for cute mugs or an insulated tumbler and save even more money. Not to mention, you don't have to pay extra for the largest size of coffee!

You can avoid the lines. 

You know when you stop in at your favorite coffee shop, and the lines are practically wrapped around the building twice? To make it worst, it would happen way too often. To beat the morning crowds, you would have to leave your home an hour earlier than you already do. Of course, this is not convenient. Brewing your coffee at home will help you avoid all the lines, and you will not have to race to beat the clock to work, either—definitely a win. 

Get your favorite coffee all the time. 

While the coffee you get out can come in various flavors, you can order blends and flavors to make at home that you have never had the chance to try before. The Internet is an excellent resource for ordering coffee from all over the world. But suppose you're especially fond of Asian flavors. In that case, No Harm Done brings your favorite coffee with a truly Asian taste to your home--all packed in eco-friendly pods, from the signature Singapore Kopi-O that you can usually order in Kopitiams, to Thai Iced Tea. Plus, since you know exactly how you like your coffee, you'll always have a cup that gets you going in the morning. So it's a good day every day of the year. 

No one knows you as you know yourself; that saying translates to everything, including coffee.

From your preferred coffee grounds to your favorite coffee add-ons, the best way to ensure you get the cup you want and deserve is to do it yourself. And what better way to treat yourself than making your favorite drink in the comfort of your own home?

One of the most significant benefits of brewing coffee at home is making the perfect cup for yourself. You have complete control over everything–from time to container. Even the littlest things can be tweaked to your preference.

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